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Independent PE

Travis Ranch Middle School Parents,

If you are interested in Independent Study PE, please review the information below carefully. The application window for the 2022-2023 school year will be open from June 1st, 2022 through August 19th, 2022.


“Independent study is an alternative to classroom instruction consistent with the PYLUSD’s course of study and is not an alternative curriculum.  It provides individual students with a choice of ways to acquire the values, skills, and knowledge all students should gain as verified in a written agreement.”  -California Department of Education


Reference Documents:

Exhibit A - Full PYLUSD Administrative Regulations Regarding Independent PE

 NOTE: Please review in particular the requirements listed on page 6 onwards for both team sports and individual sports (whichever is applicable)

Exhibit B - Individual Plan (see Administrative Regulations above)

Exhibit C - Contract

Exhibit D - Activity Log (completed quarterly)

Exhibit E - Performance Evaluation Report (completed quarterly)

NOTE: If application is approved, it is the responsibility of the student to turn in their Activity Log & Performance Evaluation forms (Exhibit D & E) 5 days prior to the end of each semester. Retain these forms for the grading periods.


How to apply:

  1. Carefully review Exhibit A and criteria for team and individual sports before applying to ensure your student athletes meets the requirements.
  2. Print and complete Exhibit C contract (linked above)
  3. Collect required evidence
    1. Team Sports: 1) evidence that membership was earned through a competitive tryout 2) evidence that practice schedule is similar to the schedule of an in season sports team 3) evidence of at least three interstate competitions during the school year with at least one out of state
    2. Individual Sports: evidence that student is currently competing at the national or Olympic level (see Exhibit A national registries on page 7)
  4. Complete the application via Google Form HERE (will be linked and available on June 1st) and be prepared to upload both Exhibit C and all required evidence listed above.
The application window for the 2022-2023 school year will be open from June 1st, 2022 through August 19th, 2022 (late applications will not be able to be considerd). Application review will begin in late August/September.

Please contact Mr. Drake if you have questions.