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Mission / Vision



Travis Ranch School is committed to collaboratively achieving academic excellence for every child building towards literacy, 21st century skills, and college/career readiness. We inspire passion for lifelong learning, achievement of personal goals, and global citizenship.




The mission of Travis Ranch School is to cultivate students who demonstrate:

  • Communication: Respecting the ideas of others and expressing their own clearly.
  • Collaboration: Engaging effectively in a variety of cooperative settings, fulfilling individual responsibilities, and respecting multiple perspectives.
  • Critical thinking:  Demonstrating effective decision making and problem solving skills that value evidence.
  • Creativity: Expressing intellectual courage through original thought, artistic expression, and innovation, leading towards an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Citizenship: Developing integrity while recognizing and positively contributing to our local and global community.



To develop well-rounded students who are moving toward college and career readiness, equipped with 21st century skills.