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Elementary PE

State-Mandated Physical Fitness Testing 
California public schools are required to annually administer the Physical Fitness Test 
to students in grades five, seven, and nine. The Fitnessgram is the test we 
administer. For a passing score, a student must score in the “healthy fitness zone” 
for all six areas the test assesses: 
1. Aerobic Capacity (mile-run test) 
2. Body Composition (skinfold test—measures body fat/lean tissue percentage) 
3. Abdominal Strength and Endurance (abdominal curl-up test) 
4. Trunk Strength and Flexibility (trunk-lift test) 
5. Upper Body Strength and Endurance (push-up test) 
6. Overall Flexibility (sit-and-reach test) 
In preparation for the Fitnessgram, each student in the Elementary Physical 
Education program participates in a battery of fitness stations that develop all six 
major areas listed above. Proper technique and an appropriate progression of 
repetition or time are emphasized so that students are well-prepared when fitness 
testing season begins. 
The fitness testing “window” begins in February and ends in May. Below is a sample 
schedule (may vary by school): 
February—April: Push-ups, Mile run, Abdominal Curl-ups 
April—May: Sit-and-Reach, Trunk-lift, Skin-fold 
For more information regarding the Fitnessgram and past scores/results, these links 
are provided: 
California Department of Education’s Fitness Testing Home Page
CDE’s Test Results Page: from here you can select school, county, district, or state.