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New Student Registration

For all necessary documentation and any questions, please email Pia Fiore at

What information/documents do I need to enroll my child?

  • Verification of Identity of parent, caregiver, licensed foster agency or group home representative, or California Superior Court-appointed legal guardian:
  • A current Driver’s License (California ID Card is permitted) or,
  • A National Identification Card or,
  • A valid Passport with photo ID
  • Verification of Residency

Present one of the following types of Residency Verification reflecting name and address at the location provided above:

  • Current and Original electric, water, or gas bill (both sections, top and bottom – School may accept a Letter of Residency from Southern California Edison
  • Current Property Tax or Income Tax Documents (from the IRS, State, and/or County)
  • Escrow papers with closing date (within 90 calendar days of student entering school) (follow up with gas, electric, or water bill)
  • Rental Agreement and, if applicable, Rental Supplemental Form

If utilities are included in the rent, a letter from the lessor and/or a copy of the rental agreement stating that utilities are included is necessary

  • Current Payroll Stub, Unemployment Check, or evidence of Disability Benefits (both name and address must appear on the checks)
  • Current Social Services documents
  • Voter registration

The following may also be required: Residency Verification Affidavit Form, Rental Agreement Supplemental Form, Co-Resident Supplemental Form

  • Proof of age
  • Official birth certificate (not hospital document), or
  • Passport (birth certificate is preferable)
  • Official immunization records are required for certifying up-to-date immunizations for each student
  • All Kindergarten students must have completed a physical examination no more than six months prior to entering Kindergarten. (If an exam is completed between 6 – 12 months prior to Kindergarten entrance, another physical exam will be required prior to entering first grade.) All first grade students must have completed a physical examination no more than 18 months prior to first grade entry, unless previously done for Kindergarten enrollment.
  • Parent/Guardian’s home/work/cell phone, address, and e-mail
  • Emergency telephone numbers
  • Name, address, phone number, and district of previous school, if applicable
  • A student living with a relative other than parents is required to go to our district’s Student Services’ Office for proper paperwork


Helpful documents/information:

  • An academic transcript or report card from your former school
  • For Special Education students: Prior IEP and Assessments
  • For GATE students: Prior test scores and/or certification forms


Where do I go to enroll?

Enrollment takes place at your neighborhood school during regular office hours. Travis Ranch's registration is done online through our district’s website (AIR online enrollment). 

Online enrollment link:


What is the minimum age for enrollment in school?

Only children who reach the age of five on or before September 1 of the school year are eligible for enrollment in Kindergarten. This also applies to first grade, but the age of six, correspondingly.


May I enroll my child in a school other than the neighborhood school?

Street name and number determine assigned neighborhood attendance areas. The majority of our students in our district attend their neighborhood school. We do have an Open Enrollment Policy at our district where students residing in (and out of) PYLUSD may elect to attend another school within the District, dependent upon school enrollment numbers. If you desire your child to go to another school other than your neighborhood school, refer to our district’s web site: or with our Student Services Office, located at our district office. Their phone # is 714 985-8670. Be sure to note the designated CHOICE transfer time periods.


Is language assessment required?

Language assessment is required if

  • A language other than English is frequently spoken in your home
  • If your child spoke another language when he/she began speaking
  • If your child most frequently speaks another language at home
  • If your child was born outside of the U.S.

Language Assessment is done through our Assessment Center, located at Topaz Elementary School:  714-986-7028; address – 3232 Topaz Ln, Fullerton 92831-2609

Papers must be received back from the Assessment Center before final registration can be completed.